We are experts in all aspects of the residential resale market. There are those who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. We provide invaluable insight and expertise, and pride ourselves on determining value. Most importantly, we go beyond the transaction and become your lifetime real estate concierge. It is our business to know the nuances of our local communities and to be a trusted resource for you, connecting you to the best in the area so you can build the life you desire.
Income Properties

With a volatile and mercurial stock market and anemic returns on other investment types, it’s no wonder people turn to real estate as a secure wealth building strategy. Whether you’re interested in short-term vacation rentals, multi-tenant buildings, or commercial opportunities, Bixby Residential can help you sort through the morass to identify a real estate investment that makes sense for you. If you’re a seasoned 1031 exchange veteran or a first-timer, we’re here to help you create and execute a successful real estate strategy.
Development Opportunities

Coastal Orange County has plenty of ocean and not a lot of land. Value is where you find it, and we help clients identify opportunities for in-fill that include ground-up development, remodeling and re-purposing, and value added improvements. If you have a vision, we help you realize it. If you need a vision, we can offer up a palette of options and help formulate your team to create one.
Hello rare person who reads websites,

I grew up in Long Beach, a 5th generation California resident, with two older brothers, Mark and Brett. I lived in a tract home built during the 60's boom with a father who was an appraiser and real estate developer, and a mother who took care of her three boys, but gave her third a longer leash (I don't advise this). Since I like a good story, and mine is a little boring, let me tell you my family story. It has bearing on who I am today, and why I do what I do.

My forefathers came to California during the Gold Rush and quickly realized their livelihoods would center around feeding and clothing our state's growing population, rather than striking it rich in the mines and rivers of the Sierras. They were probably bad panners. So, in a bold move, they returned to Maine, recruited more family, then drove sheep from Illinois to Southern California. Think horse and buggy, Little House on the Prairie.

The next step was to lease--and eventually buy-- ranchland up and down the state. After sheep came cattle, then milk & cheese, then sugar beets, then Belgian migrant farmers, then oranges with James Irvine, then draught, hoof & mouth disease...and so on and so forth. With the population growth in Southern California booming after statehood, pressures (and opportunities) to develop land soon arose. Commercial and residential development became the focus. As WWII passed, the housing boom from Cold War defense spending drove our entire economy. Eventually, the old rancho properties (Los Alamitos and Los Cerritos) became National Historic Landmarks and are now not-for-profits owned by the City of Long Beach.

Since childhood, I've been immersed in the real estate business through my family association with Bixby Land Company. That interest led me to a degree in Urban Studies from Stanford University. Ultimately I landed here in Newport Beach, where I live with my wife, Heidi, and two great kids, a devilish dog, and a leopard gecko. As a family we love to travel and share a sense of adventure.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve built a team at Bixby Residential that helps discerning buyers and sellers invest in the residential real estate of their dreams in coastal Orange County. In my free time I hang out with my family, surf and enjoy the ocean, take hikes, ride my mountain bike, serve as a Director on the Newport Harbor Educational Foundation and Ensign Fund, and as Chair of the Navigators, and fall asleep reading. The latter, I hope, hasn’t happened to you here.

Thanks for reading,
Giving Back
At Bixby Residential Group, all our team members give back to the community through volunteerism and donations to local non-profits. We grant them the necessary freedom with their work schedules to participate as often as desired to make our local community and larger world a better place. It is an expected part our work/life balance. Additionally, with the successful close of each transaction a gift is made in honor of our clients to the non-profit of their choosing.


Over the next decade, Compass has challenged all agents and offices to donate $1 Billion to charity. Yes, Billion with a "B." Through the Compass Cares program, 100% of all transactions result in donations to our local community. Compass is committed to being an inspirational, transformational company.
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